Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DGD's Favorite Storage Containers

I love, love, love GLASS CANNING JARS and find they work so well in my pantry. I've purchased them all at thrift stores so I didn't spend a lot of money switching from plastic containers to glass jars.

My all-time favorite size is the 1/2 gallon canning jar. I can fit 2 deep in my upper cabinets so they don't waste any space. I store flour, sugar, rice, pasta, bread crumbs and oatmeal in this size jar.

Quart canning jars are the perfect size for chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, dried coconut, dry milk etc.

Half pint canning jars are the perfect size for cocoa, baking soda, wheat gluten, salt, etc.

Quilted Jelly jars are the perfect size for spices and it's an added bonus that they come with decorative labels.

God Bless,



Heather said...

I use canning jars for storage too! They are great for leftovers - you can always tell what's inside. They travel well, can be reheated with or without a microwave (we don't have micro at home but work and school both supply) and they come in so many sizes!

I just found your blog and was skimming through to see if I should add to blog roll - obviously after this I have to!

Good luck - looking forward to getting to know you better,

j said...

I love using canning jars! my pantry is full of them. Right now I have a 25 pound bag of rice in quart canning jars - that's a LOT of jars. But my mother-in-law gave me all her jars after years of canning - 14 dozen. I will not be running out any time soon! I especially love the Ball Mason ones, clear or BLUE.


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