Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finding a Palette with Paint Chips

These two questions pop up a lot on Ravelry in regards to starting a new crochet project ...

"How do I choose colors that look good together?"
"How many colors do I need?"

Paint chips are a FANTASTIC tool to create a color scheme!!!

They come in TONS of shades, hues, and saturations.
They are small and easy to rearrange, shuffle, and fan out until you find the right colors.
The best part ... they are FREE.  =)

On to the second question ... "How Many?"

 I'm not a good person to ask such a question as my personal answer is LOTS.  =)  I love color so the More the Merrier!
So my Professional answer is, no fewer then a TWELVE and no more then TWENTY. 




Trish said...

That's a great idea to use paint chips. I'll have to try it with my next project.

Barbara said...

Hi Erin, thanks for visiting me in k-town and leaving a comment, this way I could find you and your lovely blog :)

Wishing you a wonderful week-end!

Lynne said...

What a great idea.

SARITHA said...

Good thing you are back!!Like the new look!!Good idea!!


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