Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best 7 Posts in 2011

  1. Granny Log Cabin Potholder
  2. Newborn Wool Soaker Pattern - check back later in January for a free newborn wool pants (longies) pattern.  I'm knitting it right now and working out the bugs.  =)
  3. Granny Log Cabin Blanket - if/when I make this blanket again, I will use my Stylecraft stash!
  4. Crocheted Treasure Bag Tutorial - these were so much fun to make for Abigail's 7th Birthday Party.
  5. Rainbow Granny Blanket - I love this blanket ... such a riot of COLOR!!!!!
  6. Cloth Diaper Tutorial
  7. Trinket Box Blanket

Crochet pretty much sums up 2011!

I wonder if 2012 will be another year of Crochet or will Knitting, Dyeing, or Quilting take the drivers seat???

Happy New Year to You All!!!!



PS - Check out my new URL =)


Kate said...

Happy New Year! That has to be the prettiest crochet collage! I love the colors!! Can't wait to see what you do this year!

Charis's Mum said...

Looking forward to seeing the pattern for your newborn longies. I'm currently knitting my SIL a pair of longies; she's expecting her first February 3rd!!

Jemma-Jane said...

Wow gorgeous collage so colourful...excatly the reason I begun to teach myself to crochet, pictures like these are just too yummy.
Thanks for sharing

I'm just new to the world of blog,


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