Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Project

I love to move furniture around and Mr. K was very kind to help me with this switch-a-roo.  =) =) =) 

 Hook & Needle Spot

Our bedroom moved to the small second bedroom.  
The office/sewing/knitting room moved to the big bedroom.  

 Personal LYS and Fabric Shop =)

It is Wonderfully-Fabulous!!!  I spend much of my time at home and this room is flooded with sunshine most of the day ... so Cozy and Inviting.  

The Teaching Table

 One day I dream of giving knitting and crochet lessons right here in this room.  
Absolutely free of charge ... I want to pass on the delight of these hobbies to others.  =)



Andee said...

I wish I lived near you...I have been dying to really learn how to knit socks for several years now. I took a class and sort of caught on, but need to try again. Not giving up! I am really good at dishrag knitting! LOL!

glor said...

What a wonderful room! Love the organization of it and those great baskets. Hmmm, hoping I live close, would love to come to class.


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