Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I'm sitting in our hotel in Pittsburgh typing this. 

We flew in Saturday for our official "House Hunting-Church Checking Out-School Visiting Trip."  There was a bit of a rocky start on Saturday afternoon but everything smoothed out beautifully.

Sunday I met a mom at the church we visited that, get this ... READS.MY.BLOG.  Is that cool or what?!?! 

Monday I visited a yarn shop just a hop,skip and jump away from where we will live.  It is BEAUTIFUL and will become my new hang-out. 

Today Abigail visited her potential school and she loves it.  =) 

I'm REALLY happy with the progress we've made on this trip.  There was a bit of a rocky start on Saturday afternoon, but everything smoothed out beautifully.  I'm excited about our new life in Pittsburgh!

BUT ...

We will be leaving behind some really, really wonderful friends.  That makes me very, very sad.  =(  So go tell your closest friends how much you love them RIGHT now, ok!?!? 




Hazel said...

Glad things are working out! x

pattas said...

So pleased it turned out ok in the end.. What a surprise to meet a follower of your blog.. Now that is a small world :))

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Yes, it is sooooo sad to leave old and good friends. I have had to do this too, time will heal this, but you need to stay in touch with them also. Love hearing that you have found so many good connections already, that will really help. A yarn shop and a follower of your blog, that is truly amazing!!!! Good luck with the move. Is it soon?!? xo Robin

Amy said...

It was pretty weird to realize I had read your blog before... it made it feel like I just met a celebrity or something :)

That is the snobbiest yarn shop ever! I drive past it all the way down to Pittsburgh, twice as far for me. I've been in there twice, standing in line with yarn in my arms waiting to pay and given up because I was getting ignored for over 10 minutes while they wait on some one who knows nothing about yarn or knitting but appears to have way more money than I do.


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