Sunday, March 13, 2011

Please Blog

A dear reader posted that on my Facebook wall this evening.  So what does one blog about when they haven't written a jot or tittle since January, but has SOOOOOO many things she wants to share with you?


In the midst of our move to Pittsburgh, I knit Abigail her very first pair of socks.  Why I had not done this sooner is beyond me ?!?!?!  They were super fast (completed in just a couple days), super cute, and super loved (look at that face).

On the fiber front, my sewing/yarn wall is coming along very nicely!!

Mr. K and I are sharing a room again in our new home.  He gets one wall for his desk and bookshelves.  I get the opposite wall for my sewing table and yarn/fabric shelves.  Very fair, don't you think?  =)

If that doesn't get creative juices flowing, I don't know what will!!

Love always,



Sarah Faith said...

Whoever did that, beat me to it! I was just checking your blog yesterday to see if I'd somehow lost my rss feed! I'm so glad to hear you are settling in well. I heard so many amazing things about P'burgh when we were thinking of moving there. Anyway hope to see you back here a lot more often!

Nicole said...

Oh thank goodness! When I saw a new post come up with your name on it (on my sidebar) I had to do a double take! lol It's been forever..nice to know you are doing well.
Isn't PA a great state to live in :) Love the socks! Take care...

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

YES, so nice to hear from you. Hope your move went well and you are making it your home. The socks are great. I have not tried yet either. SOOOOOOnnn. Enjoy and so sweet to see you are doing well. xoRobin❤

Heldasland said...

Beautiful display I really really want mine to look like that

glor said...

Great socks, can see why she is smiling large! I'm drooling over your beautiful yarns and storage bins. I'd have to sit a while and just stare at them.

Sarah said...


Go glad to see you blogging again.

See ya.


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