Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stash Bashing

We moved from Delaware to Pittsburgh at the beginning of the year, as you know.  It included a lovely thing called Corporate Movers ... two strong young men come into Your House, pack it into boxes, move said boxes onto Big Truck, and deliver said boxes to New House.  Delightful!

I spent this weekend unpacking all the boxes marked FABRIC and YARN.  There were lots of them ... and I do mean LOTS.  I have NO problem weeding out dislikes/duds and passing them on to fellow knitters/quilters but there were none.


So I am resolved to knit and quilt from my stash until it is gone and I think that just might take a lifetime.  :-)  Immediately I cast on a pair of socks using Kangaroo Dyer Sock Yarn that I purchased from Webs.  I'm winging the pattern as I go ... first a little bit of 2 x 2 ribbing with a leg of mock cables.  That is what makes knitting fun!

No progress has been made on the crocheting front though I did buy a new extra room tote for my larger blanket projects.

Rainbow Grannies is almost done.  Less then one row to attach and then a border.  Oh, the border ... I always get hung up there.  =)

And check out what a handy windowsill I have!  It has the perfect overhang to attach my small yarn swift and ball winder and to set my milk glass vase of straight knitting needles.  

Love always,


PS - Sorry for such dark pictures.  I'm emailing myself pictures from my phone until Mr. K gets all the electronics set up properly.


OurGangof7 said...

I just discovered you blog through the Down to Earth Forums and I am having a great time reading back through your previous posts.

I have just learnt how to crochet and although not very good at it yet, I keep trying lol. I love your stash of wool, I think I have wool envy happening!!

from Australia

Susan said...


A good frined of mine just gave me your blog address... I love it!!!

How do you like your new house? Your going to have fun going through your yarn..:-) I have so much, I don't know what to make first. I'm just not in the crocheting mood right now. I have been in a reading mood as of late.

Great to meet you!!!

Susan from Ohio.

Erin said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you become a regular reader. =) I see you are from Cincy ... I lived there for 4 years (age 5-9) and have many great memories of King's Island, going to Red's games, the Serpentine Wall, the Zoo, etc.



Regina said...

your knitting work looks great!!
i love the colours.lovely blog!!!!
have a wonderful weekend,
from germany

T's Daily Treasures said...

Congrats on the move. Starting off fresh is always a good thing. What a lovely space to create in. I love to crochet but never did get the hang of knitting. Your log cabin granny is gorgeous! We are on Spring Break now. I love, love, love days of piddling! :) Happy day to you. Tammy


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