Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid Week Musing

I am enjoying my time at home today.  Yesterday I spent HOURS driving here, there and everywhere to get a PA drivers license and plates for my car.  It rained all day so that did not make the job very pleasant.  =(

This morning I mixed up dough so I can make Home Made Pizza for supper.  My Cooking and Baking Mojo is slowly coming back!!   I even have Homemade Pizza Sauce in the refrigerator.  =)  Don't you wish you pop over for a bite this evening?!?!  

Projects after projects are flying off my hook.  I had a bad case of Start-itis last fall so I've been finishing those up this Spring.  It is very satisfying indeed and I can't wait to share them with you!  But I must be patient and type a proper post for each project.

I will leave you with one picture.  =)  

Abigail's birthday is Friday and we are having a little party for her on Saturday morning with all the girls in her class.  There are 6 of them total and we are going to paint pottery at a local shop.  Such fun!  Here are the "Thank-You-For-Coming-to-my-Party" favors:

Little crocheted pouches filled with little girl loot (stickers, candy, nail polish, etc). 

Enjoy your Wednesday ... love always!



Unknown said...

Hey there Erin!

Thank you for stopping by Sewing Daisies, I love meeting new people.

Just been checking out your work - GORGEOUS! I am looking forward to see more of your creations.


Christina Broad said...

I love these little pouches and I might just make some and fill them up with goodies for my gd's for xmas. Very pretty and bright.. :))

sara said...

What sweet little bags, hope your daughter enjoys her special day.
lily x

Unknown said...

What a lovely idea for a party loot bag.
thankyou for sharing :))


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