Sunday, August 14, 2011

Food for the Week

Meal Ideas:
  • Hamburgers on the Grill
  • Homemade Pizza ... weather in the high 70's means I can turn on the oven again!
  • Chicken Burritoes ... in the freezer. =)
  • Br-inner (Breakfast for Dinner) ... need to use up some buttermilk so I'm thinking pancakes.
  • Bake bread ... I love using my "hand-me-down" Zojirushi bread machine but need to figure out how to keep the crust soft.
  • Bake Banana Bread ... or muffins.  =)  Three bananas are getting quite brown on my counter.
  • Make one more batch of Jam ... then I should be set for Christmas presents!  I'm thinking Triple Berry (strawberry + blueberry + raspberry).


Kelly said...

I was always taught that if you want your baked bread crust soft, while it is still warm put it in the container or bag you keep it in and seal it. The steam will soften it and not allow it to crisp up. Love your blog! ♥

Erin Joy said...

Thank you, Kelly, for that tip ... I will try it. =)


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