Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Granite Stitch Baby Blanket

This pile of yarn ...

Hooky, hooky, hooky ....
(I see a stray yarn I forgot to clip, LOL )

Finished ... =)

Yarn - Northern Wool and Baritone (deep discount @ Webs)
Hook - Size I/5.5mm
Border - Crab Stitch (the crochet version of I-Cord)

I am SMITTEN with Granite Stitch!!!!!!  It looks Really Intricate but is So Simple to do.  =) 
This hook/yarn combo is perfect ... not to stiff and not too floppy.

Baby Levi is now wrapped in this blanket.  He is the 5th child of Mr. K's high school buddy.  It was pretty exciting when he was born ... he has FOUR big sisters.  


Saskia said...

Oh! That is one yummy blanket! I love this stitch! Haven't tried that one yet! :)

Unknown said...

great job! Love the colors.

penelope10 said...

Must do that one. Looks so pretty!

Unknown said...

I love this baby blanket, but have never heard of Granite Stitch, i would love to do this pattern, could you send me the pattern please.. You have many nice things on your site Erin , and i'm enjoying browseing through it , by the way i live in Australia .. Cheers Sharolynn

Erin Joy said...


If you click on Kirsten's Beach Stripe Surf Blanket, it will take you to the "recipe" that I followed.

Happy Hooking!



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