Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Job =)

Just before Thanksgiving I discovered that there was a new yarn and quilt shop in the area.  A mom at school told me about it because she knows yarn is my Thing.  =)  Abigail and I stopped in one day after school, started chatting with the owner about my projects, and I walked out with a job.

LoL LoL LoL!!!

The store is called Wexford Dry Goods and it is the Loveliest place to work!



(Hi there, Abigail!)

(that scarf on top is my own design!)

 This book was one of the first things I saw when I walked into the store.  I knew IMMEDIATELY that there was a Kindred Spirit here. 


So what exactly do I do at WDG besides drool over beautiful fabric and pet pretty yarn?!
I teach classes ... mostly crochet with a bit of knitting and quilting. =)

I've always wanted a little job like this!!  It fits me to a T.  =)

So Dear Carolyn, the Other Erin, Sherri, and Marianne ... thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of your shop family.  



selfsewn said...

Oh you must be in Heaven!
Is this not the most beautiful place?
Wish this was my local or place of work x

Lynne said...

Fabric AND Yarn! I would be in heaven, and would never bring home a paycheck, because it would all get spent in that shop. Have fun at your new job!

Debbie said...

Lucky you!! Good luck with the new job! All that yarn to touch and then then fabric ......ahhhh

Sarah said...

Hey, Erin!! Love the new blog posts. And what a pretty place to work!!

Luv Ya!



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