Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Bullets

  • My little gal pal is home for the summer and I couldn't be happier!  Blogging will continue for the summer and the posts will be filled with pictures of picnics, arts & craft projects and garden produce.  =)
  • Here is a gigantic THANK YOU to a few very special women who encouraged and prayed for me as I muddled my way through this first school year ... Sue (love you girl!), Joy & Virginia (you have no idea what examples you two are to me), Sarah (dearest of sisters), and Karen (my true and steadfast friend)
  • Something is WRONG with our nation's Welfare System!!!!!!!  Abigail and I are standing in line at the Dollar Tree yesterday.  The young couple in front of us have their cart filled to the top with packaged junk food, absolute garbage -- brownies, cookies, fruit punch juice boxes, candy, jerky, and lots more.  Nothing nutritious; nothing healthy.  Their appearance leaves something to be desired -- baggy sweats, unwashed hair, and flip flops.  The total is over $130 and they pay for it with a Food Stamp debit card.  Seriously.  Seriously?  Seriously!  In sharp contrast is the young man in line behind me who is in a wheelchair and pays for his items with CASH.  He is neatly dressed, wearing a polo shirt with a corporate logo on it, so I assumed he was employed.  He comments on Abigail's good behavior and wishes me a "Good Day!"
  •  Tuesday night we eat the first beans from our garden.  I hope there will be lots more when we come back from vacation.  =)  Maybe some tomatoes, too.
  • Leaving for a family vacation early, early Saturday morning.  We are going to ALASKA!  The laptop is coming with us but I'm not going to do any blogging.  I'll be back the last week of June.

    *** Happy Summer Everyone! ***

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