Tuesday, June 08, 2010

We have a FIRST GRADER in the House

In honor of graduating from Kindergarten, I've asked Abigail for an exclusive interview. 

The Official Picture with Diploma and Flowers

Me:  You did a great job this morning, love bug!  Are you glad to be done with school?
Abigail:  Yeah!  I will miss Mrs. Veenema but I like to hang out with my parents, too. 

 Receiving Diploma from Mrs. Veenema and Headmaster Stevens

Me:  I know, she was a great teacher.  What was the best part of kindergarten?
Abigail:  RECESS ... It's everybody's favorite!  I liked getting Silly Bands from everybody.

Singing Songs for the Parents

Me:  Yes you did, until Mrs. Veenema band you from trading them during school.  What was your favorite subject?
 Abigail:  I have two favorites -- my first favorite is art.  My second favorite is chapel because we get to sing.  I liked riding home with Ellie.

Art Gallery and Snacks set up in the Foyer

Me:  Do you have plans for the summer time? 
Abigail:  Going to Alaska and, maybe, I can go swimming with my friends Nora and Julia ... arts and crafts with Mommy.  In July, I plan on going to Jesse and James house. 

Me:  Sounds like a fun summer! 

All the NEW First Grader Girls

 Abigail:  I love you, Mommy.
Me:  I love you, too. 


Kim said...

A 1st grader already!! Crazy!! So grown up and gorgeous!

Sarah Faith said...

Alaska? Is that for real?

Erin said...

Yes, we are leaving on Saturday. =) Want me to send your kids a post card?

Sarah Faith said...

Thanks, that's sweet. If you feel like it, and remember. But just enjoy your vacation!


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