Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jayme & Lisa's Wedding

Engagement Pictures
Everyone was invited to sign the frame -- lovely idea!

Jay and Joan, the FABULOUS sound people.
Michael and I used to go to church with them -- they are lovely people!

The flower girl dresses still fit!  One never knows when a growth spurt will hit.  =)

Steve, Amy and family

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Ruth

 Mom and Dad

Lisa and her lovely ladies

Jayme and his Guys

This picture shows the nice hair-do on Abigail.  She looked so grown up!

One Big Happy Family


Kim said...

how gorgeous!! Abigail looks so grown up and beautiful!

Sarah Faith said...

It's amazing how homogenous her friends are that they all looked good in the same style gown. That's pretty rare!


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