Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simple Abundance

I drew this in my Gratitude Journal a couple days ago.  It's a quote from Simple Abundance that really spoke to my heart.  

The Holiday Season is sneaking up on us along with all those TV ads and glossy circulars telling us we need ABC or XYZ at this Fabulous Price.

I'm going to work hard at having Contentedness this Christmas.
Will you join me too?




mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Yes, I would love too. It is a wonderful idea and soooo difficult. I think it is something we should keep in the foremost of our minds as we shop, spent, look at mail and get caught up with the materialistic part of the holidays. I'm so on the same page as you and I'm sure others will also. Love your Journal design and I love the book Simple Abundant, which I read over and over. IT's always good and normally applies to my day. xo Robin

Tickety-boo said...

I coulcn't agree more. I have three littlies who thankfully I have managed by some miracle to bring up to be grateful for whatever they get for Christmas and they really don't ask for much. Maybe it won't always be that way but I will enjoy it for the way it is now. I am just thankful to have a lovely family some people have nobody to share these things with. xxx

Hazel said...

Love it although right now I wish I had a little more support lol. x

Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

I found you on Ravelry today. I'm a follower of your blog now. I live in SE PA. I didn't know there was a yarn shop in Cheasapeake City, DE. I will have to visit it. It's a pretty drive from our house. Come visit me. I'm having my first give away.

I love your log cabin throw!

Clara said...

How wonderful. This is an important post. To be contented is an absolutely wonderful thing. Since I can recall telling my Dad when I was a very young little girl that all I wanted in life was to be "Happy", I have remained in this frame of mind. I have now turned that into being contented because that is all that is necessary. Anything else can be considered joy or just a bonus. It sure simplifies things and really makes you think of paring down all of those commercially advertised items that pile up on us. Great post today, thanks!

Sarah Faith said...

Definitely. It's so hard with the new and shiny coming out. But it's a good time to be content, as we are catching up from a (brief, thankfully) period of unemployment!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Erin, I received the Beautiful Blogger Award today, and selected you as one of my BBA recipients. Congratulations! Stop by my blog to receive your award.
xo Robin❤


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