Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mid-Week Musings

Abigail received this lovely, old-fashioned baby doll carriage this weekend from some wonderful friends.  
She adores it ... Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. D!

I crocheted another potholder and am very pleased with the results.  It's a little bigger then usual ... just the right size for those bigger pots and dutch ovens.  I'll work up a tutorial in the next week or so to share with you.  =)

Today was the Fall Brunch for my Coffee Break Group.  There is always some sort of "activity" after we eat.  I diverted from the usual "ice breaker game" and did a book review.  They are books that I've read that I found to be very encouraging and helped me grow to be a better wife, mother, and woman.  I'd love to share the titles with you:

I talked about starting a Gratitude Journal ... write down five things every day for which you are grateful and thankful.  I sent them each home with a Journal so they can start this practice TODAY.  =)

I know I sound like a broken record but ... THANK YOU for reading my blog!!!!  There are almost 100 followers so I must be doing something right.  =)  Keep the comments and emails coming ... they always make me smile!




Clara said...

Abigail is so cute and the journal idea is fantastic. Can't wait for your potholder tutorial.

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Love the idea of sharing book titles. I also love to read books, not only for fun and enjoyment but to make me grow and have more insight and wisdom. xo Robin

Kim said...

I have to write those titles down . . . especially since I wasn't there, AGAIN. John was sick today. Ugh. The sickness is making it's second round through our home. Hopefully I'm now immune. :)

Hazel said...

I have the second book I think it is called Having a Mary Spirit. That's good. Lovely little doll's pram. x


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