Friday, May 06, 2011

Layout - Yeah or Neh?

Ever so often I get the urge to change the  layout of Dutch Girl Diary.  
I'll spend a couple hours fussing around with it and then realize I really liked it the way it was.  =) =) =)

Does it look Okay from your viewpoint?  
No one has emailed me saying "Your site looks Wonky on my computer screen ... can you do something about it?!?!"

I'd much rather be creating lovely things that I can share with you in posts, but if all my Lovely Readers are BORED with same look, I'll be happy to change a few things.

Comments and Feedback are WELCOME!

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!


PS - The italic font is not going to happen regularly.  I just couldn't find a picture to put in the post to jazz it up.  =)


Lika said...

Leave it the way it is Erin! It's unique, it's you! Only change it if it pleases you! It looks great on my end and I never have an issue when looking up your blog. I enjoy all the beautiful things you create and it looks like your daughter is following in your footsteps. :) Keep on posting your great work and it's a definite YEAH from me! Happy Mother's Day

zarina said...

To tell you the truth, I hardly look at the layout because I usually most posts from my google reader. if I have to go to the blog site, I would say I don't remember this.


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