Monday, May 02, 2011

Rainbow Granny Pillow

There were a few blocks leftover from the Rainbow Granny Blanket and they were too lovely to let languish in a closet.  So I made a pillow.  =)

I am not much of a Pillow Maker as the whole sewing process is terribly fussy.  
But a Crocheted Pillow ... it was a lot of fun!

Red and White is a classic color combination so I used them for the checkerboard border.  The back is exactly the same as the front except done all in natural wool.   

Both the front and the back have a Dark Lavender 3 round granny border.  I slip-stitched them wrong sides together around 3 sides, stuffed in the pillow form, and slip-stitched the last side.

It was a Smashing Success and I plan on making lots more pillows this way!  This beauty didn't sit on my chair too long ... it whisked it's way across to town to live at my friend Joanna's house.  =)




Hazel said...

It is absolutley beautiful and I love your ripple too. I am in pillow mode too. x


Olá meu amigo, foram cantando como um monte de almofadas de renda, como mola.

pattas said...

Can never have to many cushions.. Well done .. :)) love the colours of your crochet work :))

priscilla said...

very pretty !


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