Monday, May 16, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Mr. K unpacked the last of the boxes this weekend so we are official Moved In.  =)

I am going to celebrate the fact that we are no longer in the state of "Transition" by posting my meal plans.  There are some good eats in que for this week.  =)

Tonight I am making Homemade Pizza.  I've been playing around with a couple different dough recipes lately and finally have one that is a Winner!! I'm using this sauce recipe.  One pizza with sauteed onions and peppers for the adults.  One pizza with cheese for Abigail. 

Tuesday night is a Man Meal ... Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes.  =)  I have a meatloaf in the freezer that I will pull out tonight to defrost in the refrigerator.  Check out Tammy's meatloaf baking method that is fool-proof ... no more pink centers and crumbly slices! 

I usually make Pizza on Wednesday but we already had that this week.  =)  So I will make another batch of pizza dough and make hot pocket-like sandwiches.  Pioneer Woman has a recipe for Cowboy Calzones that I'm a itchin' ta try!

It is supposed to rain, rain, rain, rain all week long.  That requires soup in my book, so I will make some sort of warm concoction on Thursday for supper.  Most likely Broccoli Cheese as I have a knock-off recipe in my Binder.  =)

Friday night will be Brinner.  That's Breakfast for Dinner.  =)  Scrambled Eggs and Cinnamon Raisin French Toast.

Saturday's meals will be eaten Out as we are going to a Sheep & Wool Festival to celebrate our Anniversary.

Sunday is always grilled cheese &/or leftover day.

So what are YOU cooking this week????



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