Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Jewel Blanket

A gift for my Niece.  =)

I started it last Fall ... I even Blogged about it!

 Granny Squares  +  Join As You Go = Hooking Gratification.
I did not darn in the yarn ends as I went along so it was not
Instant Hooking Gratification.

PSA ... Darn in Ends as You Go!


Yarn:  Wool Ease purchased at an AC Moore in Delaware.
Color names ... Unknown.  Ball bands clutter up my project bag so they are promptly thrown away.  =)
The color order was random ... well, sort of random!

Hook:   I'm sure you guessed it ... Susan Bates H hook.  =)

Pattern:  Granny Squares ... my favorite Tutorial is at The Purl Bee.

Do you see the  "Oops!" ???

Thanks for letting me share another project with you.  =) 
The comments you leave Bring me Cheer and Brighten my Day!

Love ... Erin


Moos said...

Lovely blanket. I just love the colours!!!!!

Debi Y. said...

Looks very pretty. (I didn't spot an 'oops'.) :)

Barbara said...

it's lovely! I like the granny stripe edging, it makes the whole blanket complete and perfect! :)

tam said...

i like them better just the way they are! very nice, Erin!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blanket, beautifully made. I didn't see an oops! Will you let us know if no one spots it? I wish an auntie had made me one of those!

Caro Crochet said...

Very special colours, just love it.

I didn't spot the oops (I looks just perfect). ;p

Lynne said...

What a cheery blanket! In quilting, the oops is called a humble square. I have a few in every project.(he he) Keeps ya human. :)

penelope10 said...

Beautiful blankie! I want to do one!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Just yummy! xoRobin❤

Angel.Pearls said...

Very beautiful -well done!

Sarah said...

It's gorgeous, Erin. :-)

The "oops": Did you run out of the outer border color and have to substitute another? I see blue and purple, but perhaps it is supposed to be that way.

Kelly said...

Absolutely beautiful(even with the oops!), and love the name you chose for it! Great job! ♥

The Garden Bell said...

Fabulous. I adore you colors. I just finish one too... and guess what I didn't sew as I went either. I usually do. And I won't be doing that again. Glad to see some one else is thinking along those lines.

Ishieta said...

It looks gorgeous...wish i could make it :) or, get it as a gift :) i love these projects of yrs!

Could you please share some of the tutorials.


crazymotheringchick said...


The only thing I hate about crochet is weaving in a bunch of ends. LOL


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