Friday, September 09, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

I canned ... Italian Cooking Sauce.

I baked ... Banana Muffins.

I baked some more ... Whole Grain Bread.

I did not clean ... but Mr. K and Abigail did.  =)

I crocheted ... granny circles that will turn into squares and become a blanket for someone's Special Birthday.

I would love to hear how your Labor Day Weekend went ... was it busy or relaxing? 


penelope10 said...

Your sauce looks so good.
I am in need of a new bread machine, that looks like a nice size!
Busy Labor Day moving my daughter into her first condo. I am exhausted.
The weather sure gives a new spin on cooking!

Karen said...

I spy a More-with-Less cookbook! When I was a new bride, just come over to England from Oklahoma, I used that book a lot! Now I use it less but my copy is still around and pretty beat up!

I like to can - it feels so good to have jars lined up, knowing you have used today's resources to nourish your family tomorrow....


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