Monday, September 12, 2011

In the spirit of trying to Return to a Routine , I am going to post my meal ideas for the week.  =)

Lasagna Casserole or Baked Ziti:  
There is a jar of sauce in the refrigerator that did not seal in the water bath canner so I will use that before it goes bad.  I bought a carton of cottage cheese at Aldi on Saturday and I always have dry pasta on hand.

    Quiche with Bacon:
    I have a lot of eggs and a bit of bacon that needs to be used up, so I thought "Let's make a quiche."  I  need a recipe, though, as I've never made quiche.  =)

      Homemade Pizza:
      Every Monday I mix up a batch of pizza dough.  It sits out on the counter all day to rise and then I pop it in the refrigerator to use sometime during the week.  If we aren't in the mood for pizza, I can use the dough for homemade hot pockets.

        Chicken Noodle Soup with Grilled Cheese:
        It is September so I can make soup once again.  =)  Mr. K loves it ... I love it ... Abigail doesn't, so that's why I serve it with Grilled Cheese.

          Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs:
          The week wouldn't be complete without a Brinner Meal.  I like to make a Big Batch of Pancakes so that there is leftovers for the following morning's breakfast.

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