Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Not a Lace Flunky Anymore!

I can't KNIT lace but I sure can CROCHET it.  
=)  =) =) =)

I used a hank of hand dyed sock yarn from my stash.
The color is such a lovely green ... like a forest canopy with sunlight filtering through softly.
Or it looks like an over-fertilized yard!!

The pattern is from Ravelry (free of course!)
Slightly modified as I ran out of yarn for the border (doesn't that always happen!)


I love this shawl and have already made one for Abigail's teacher.  =)
If you have a favorite shawl pattern, please share it with me in a comment!

Love ... Erin =)


The Garden Bell said...

How fun. Great lace made from a fantastic color.

charu said...

Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

oh my, how beautiful great job and I love the color!

Briaboo said...

Absolutely, gorgeous!! :)

Lynne said...

Wow! I just printed that pattern out a few days ago. I looove it! Yours turned out beautiful, especially in that colorway. I can't wait to make it now!!

SARITHA said...

Beautiful!!!I love this pattern

Kelly said...


maria said...

Inderdaad een erge mooie kleur en heel leuk patroon, bedankt voor de link.

Allison said...

Knitted lace is giving me fits lately. I think crocheted lace is gorgeous (it may be my favorite thing to crochet). Love your version of the shawl. I haven't made many shawls, but the South Bay is my favorite. I also like this one:

Debi Y. said...

Very, very pretty - great work. :)

My favorite pattern for a shawl is the triangle granny.


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