Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Should this go to the Pillow Frog Pond?

I was so tickled to find Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in the sale room of my LYS for a bargain basement price.  The colors called out to me ... bring me home!  

I decided a pillow or two would be nice and crocheted up this beauty.  What an experience to work with this yarn ... it flowed effortlessly over my hook ... sigh.  =)

I turned the square each time I joined a new color but it still turned out Wonky.  The Wonkiness is accentuate by the plump pillow form.  =( 

There is enough leftover yarn to make new pillow fronts.
Little squares perhaps?
I could salvage the two squares and use them as backs.

What do I do?  
Am I being too Fussy? 
Opinions Please!

Love .. Erin


laurence said...

Hello Erin,

How about wetting it slightly (with a spray used for plants), and blocking it with pins to obtain the right shape? when dried it should look about right! Love your pillow, by the way, wonky or otherwise :-)

Anonymous said...

A lot of people seem to have this problem with wonky squares, yet a lot of people don't. I heard it recommended to turn the square yet you did and it still got a little bit twisted. There are different ways of doing squares and with each of them it seems they go twisty for some and not for others.

I am beginning to think it is a tension thing or something else. I know it is also recommended to change colour at a different corner each time but that doesn't work either for some people. Maybe join on the straight part rather than in the corner? I know some people do that. I have read countless discussions about this and there really doesn't seem to be an ultimate answer. Finally one person says that each time she does a round, before starting a new one she makes sure the just completed one is pulled exactly square. I think this may be a key myself. I think it is quite easy for the corners to be pulled a bit tight. Some people do one chain in the corners, some 2 or three . Some people do one chain between clusters and some do none. But whatever the combination, it seems that for some people it comes out square and for some people it just doesn't.

I am really interested in this despite never having done a larger square than 5 rounds. I'm trying to be forearmed in the fight against the wonky triangle!

That being said, I really don't think it looks too bad, in fact rather artistic as if it were meant to be. So I would use it as planned myself. But I would get some cheap practice wool and have a go at seeing if you can find out what it is causing it in your case. Then it will never happen again! Oh, and I think blocking it may well iron out the wonk as it really is only slight in your case.

Fernanda said...

Sure you are not being fussy! I am also working on a cushion cover and I was also in doubt on what to do with the back and I WILL have to block. I guess it's just a bit of more work but worthy.

Kate said...

Love the colors!! Despite the little bit of wonkiness, I think it's super cute! If you are worried about it, I think your little squares idea is great. By using this square for the back, it would make an adorable reversible pillow! It's a win win!

The Garden Bell said...

I actually like it a little wonky. Realfunactually and looks fun to theeyes.

MWitch3 said...

I think its super cute! wonky-ness just means it has character! :)

nicole said...

I love it even with it's wonkyness but it's weird how it did it even though you turned each time. I haven't made a large granny in a while so I've never actually tried to technique but other's swear by it. I think it's fab though, embrace the wonky!

Kelly said...

I agree with Nicole, "embrace the wonky"! I think it is adorable and definitely has character, but if you are the type of person that likes symmetry and order then it will probably drive you nuts to look at day in and day out!

Anonymous said...

I expect you have seen it already but Bunny Mummy has put up a tutorial of what she does here.

I've looked at Attic24 who gets her pattern from the purl bee and hers also have some wonkiness to them. Bunny mummy doesn't join new yarn in the corner like others I have seen who are wonky. She has 2 chains in the corners but none between the 3 stitch clusters. She has used her method for giant granny squares as well as smaller ones and she definitely has no wonk at all.

Maria Teresa said...

Olá por acaso consigo fazer os quadrados bem, mas para quem tem dificuldades, a Jacquie do blog Bunny Mummy, publicou hoje um tutorial excelente que ensina como ela faz os quadrados dela que são lindos. Embora devo dizer que gosto muito da sua almofada.

GardenofDaisies said...

Hi, I am a fairly new crocheter and I am trying to make a Giant Granny afghan. I am getting that twisty wonkiness in mine too. I start in a different spot with every single color change. I start one space away from the corner. I have tried to loosen my tension, I have tried to straighten each row before I go on to the next. I have tried 2 chains in the corners and 3 chains in the corners. No matter what I do, by row 15 or so, it all goes wonky. Have you discovered any new tips to help with this since you posted this a year ago? I've already looked at Bunny Mummy...I can't figure out why hers are straight and mine are not. I've thought about turning the whole project around from row to row, in order to even out the direction of the wonk. But that might look funny to have the front and back mixed.
I appreciate any help you can offer.


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