Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nifty Thrifty Frugal Finds

Electric Frying Pan without Non-Stick Coating - $3.00

It even came with the original users manual. =)

Set of 4 Martha Stewart Placemats with Original Tags - $1.50
(Don't you like how my checked napkin, wood napkin ring, and white dishes blend?)

Silverware caddy for the dishwasher - $.19
(yes, that is CLEAN silverware)

Set of 4 glass Americana style jars - $2.99

Excellent Collection of Children's Books - $1.50

Welcome Sign for my Front Door - $1.50

Everything was $.50 a piece

Every time I thrift shop it blows me away that my Heavenly Father supplies all my needs and my wants for such a little amount of money.

God Bless,


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