Thursday, April 22, 2010

Abigail's Special Day

The birthday loot is wrapped and waiting patiently for a little girl to wake up the next morning.

Morning, Sleepy Head!  Are you excited?

"Mommy, I'm finally SIX!"

Waiting for Daddy so the Birthday Girl can open one present before getting ready for school.

Hi there, Mr. K.  =)

"I think I know what it is!!!" 

"It's a Cinderella Barbie Doll!!!!"

"I need to get her out before she suffocates!"

God Bless you Abigail!  
Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are proud of the way you are growing up to be such 
a sweet Child of the King


Sarah Faith said...

happy birthday abigail!
she is almost the same age as my jireh, who will be 6 in July.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Abigail! You're growing up so wonderfully and I miss seeing your cheerful face! Tell your mommy that's it's time to visit Sue. =)

Kim said...

She looks older already!! And does she always look so gorgeous in the morning?? I need to steal that hair from her. Oh, I'm so NOT showing Violet these pix, she'll start thinking she gets a morning birthday party too! :) Love and hugs!


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