Friday, April 30, 2010

Frugal Recipe Binder

I have tried just about every possible system for storing and organizing recipes:
  • Plastic box with tabbed dividers - it would get stuffed quickly and the top wouldn't close properly.  =(
  • Binder with tabs and sheet protectors - larger capacity for recipes.  =)  The sheet protectors were pricey and it never fit nicely on my cookbook shelf =(
  • Filing them on the computer - good idea in concept because you aren't wasting printer paper. =)   How many of us want the laptop in the middle of a hot, messy kitchen?  =(
This is no good!  There must be a better solution!  Thinking.  Thinking.  Thinking.  Aha ... I've got it!  A trip to the thrift store and $3.00 later -- my problem was solved.

It's an old style photo album.  I actually bought two of them for 50 cents because I wanted more photo pages.  I kept this binder because the flowers, striped pattern and scallops reminded me of an old-fashioned kitchen.

I bought stick-on index tabs from Wal-Mart for $2.00.  They are in the office supply section by the post it notes, index cards, thumb tacks, and such.  I already had the  index cards but if you don't, check out the $1 section of Michael's Arts & Crafts for some really fun ones.  =)  The 4x6 size card fits perfectly in the photo album. 

Wouldn't this be a fun project to do with a budding young homemaker this summer?  You could make a day of it.  =)

A trip to a thrift shop or two for the photo album.  Follow that up with a quick jaunt into Wal-Mart for the stick on tabs.  Make sure you put on your blinders or you might get sucked in to the WM time warp and not come out until supper time!!!  LOL.  If you don't already have them, buzz into Michael's and pick out the prettiest recipe cards you can find in the $1 section.  They usually have several styles from which to choose.  On your way home, stop at McDonald's for $1 Hot Fudge Sundaes, so that you will be well nourished for your creative afternoon.  =)   Put on some nice music and enjoy a nice chat while you work together.

I would love to see pictures of your finished Frugal Recipe Binders so send them to erin1978 at gmail dot com.



Sarah Faith said...

that's neat, so a standard size recipe card is 4x6?

Erin Joy said...

i think small index cards (flash cards) are 3x5. i use 4x6, the middle size. the big size is 5x7, i think.

Regina said...

Very good idea - this is one of my current struggles...

my only dread is that i'd be re-writting EVERY recipe, and i generally try to print them...

but it's definately an improvment over my current system and the end result is too cute! (And it would fit much better than my current 3 ring binder)

Erin Joy said...

Regina, most recipe websites let you choose what size to print the recipe and 4x6 is one of the options. Then all you have to do is trim it to fit with a scissors.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you for this post! I have tons of recipes written out on 4x6 cards and they're all over the place! I just happen to have a big stack of photo album sheets and a binder sitting in my "what do I do with these?" craft box. Now I know what to do!


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