Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 Random Things

I've had over 20 different jobs in my life.  I started my first part time job when I was 14 years old at the Georgetown Library shelving books.  I rode my bike to work and would stuff the bike bag FULL of books.  For some reason, my mom didn't like that, but I never had an overdue fine!  Other jobs included a fabric store, two quilt shops, Herman Miller, emergency room, civil engineers office, bank, Johnson Control, nursing home, kitchen designer, gift shop, tour guide and teacher.
 My favorite job?  Wife and Mommy  =)

I had my wisdom teeth pulled two weeks after we got married.
It was a HORRIBLE experience!
Michael thought I was going to die and he'd be a widow.

If Abigail had been a boy, we would have named him William George.
William after Michael's grandpa and George after my dad.
William George is a very royal sounding name, isn't it?

I absolutely LOVE to watch You Tube videos!
It's how I learn how to do stuff.
Make soap.
Bake bread.
Build raised beds.
Fold origami.

I really, really, really like the paint color in our bedroom.
So much so, I'd like to re-paint the kitchen, dining room, and family room that color.
Do you suppose Mr. K would notice if I did that?

My friend Sarah had a baby girl last week and I decided to knit a baby sweater.
I have a LITTLE problem ... it fits Abigail!
Not to worry, not to worry ... I'll just make a smaller one.
That's the good thing about knitting.  =)

My favorite summer-time treat is an ice cream sandwich.
One summer afternoon, when we were kids, Sarah and I were playing with my cousins Marty and Tom.
It was hot, so we asked if we could have an ice cream sandwich.
Some how, we ended up eating a whole box of them.
I have NO IDEA how we got away with that but it's a GREAT childhood memory!


Sarah Faith said...

You're too sweet! Awww. It's actually kind of nice to know an experienced knitter like yourself still has gauge issues. :D I once crocheted a baby bonnet that would have fit a 5 year old. :D

Erin said...

I used worsted weight yarn thinking, "Hey, it will be a little big on Estella, but then she can grow into it." If the next one comes out big, I'll still send it to you and Agnes can wear it first. =)


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