Monday, July 05, 2010

Alaska through my Lens~ Talkeetna and Fairbanks

  The land is rough, rugged, and amazingly beautiful.
The people are independent, self-reliant, very friendly, God-fearing folk.
I've fallen in love with Alaska!

I took over 300 pictures ... I'm sure you don't want to see them all.  =)
Here are my favorites:

Very "not PR" door handles at the Princess Wilderness Lodge.

Abigail decided Eskimo fairies built these stone towers using moosecraft.

Talkeetna, AK, home of the Roadhouse, local hang out for Mt. McKinley climbers.
Mr. K thought it was a dive ... I loved it!
We both agreed they served GREAT bacon.  =)

We took a jet boat ride in Talkeetna and made a stop at a recreated Athabaskan Indian camp to learn about how they lived hundreds of years ago.

There were lots of pelts to pet ...  check out the size of this bear paw!

My personal favorite ... our guide carried a 12 gauge rifle.
Like I said, I really like the people of Alaska.  =)

In Fairbanks we visited a working gold mine and learned about the Alaskan Gold Rush. 
This was our guide and he taught us how to pan for gold. 
I think he looks like Grizzly Adams.  =)

We tried panning ourselves and found some!  
Abigail had it put into a locket.

I really enjoyed the riverboat ride in Fairbanks.
We saw a float plain take off and land on the river -- very, very cool!
We saw saw lots of log cabins -- I love them!
We learned about sled dogs and how they are trained.
We saw many pieces of beautiful Athabaskan Indian clothing.

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