Thursday, October 07, 2010

FoUrTy-TwO Month Ripple Afghan

Remember THIS post?

It's done.  It's beautiful.  Abigail adores it.

I love this picture ... it looks so artsy-fartsy!

 There is one small section of split rail fence in our backyard that is PERFECT for hanging quilts, afghans and the like for photo shoots. 

Look at those waves.
UP ... down ... UP ... down ... I'm getting sea-sick!

All wooly and squishy ... makes me Happy.  =)

  • 100% worsted weight wool yarn purchased sporadically as I needed it for this project.  Patons Classic Merino, Lions Wool, Ella Rae, and a few hand-dyed by Yours Truly.  
  • Can't remember what pattern I used ... sorry!  =(  
  • Started out with a G hook and some how finished with an H hook.  One end flares out a bit but I can block it out I think.  =)
  • I'm too lazy to measure it but it fits perfectly on the top of a twin mattress. 

 I hope this inspires you to hook a ripple of your own!  It was really fun even though it did take me 3 1/2 years.  LoL.

Lots of Love,



mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Erin, That is so beautiful. I love the random colors and all your photos of it. The split rail is great. I have one and never thought to display there. Glad your daughter loves it! Super job! xo Robin

Tickety-boo said...

What a beautiful blankie Erin. All the time you have out in is worth it. xxxx

Ms C said...

It's really gorgeous! I love the edging too.

Erin said...

Ms C, I loved doing the edging. =) I fussed and fussed to get those little clams shells to fit just right. It was 100% worth it, don't you think?


manda's challenges :) said...

Many many congratulation's Erin xx i know from expieriance how easy it is to leave a project and go back to it bit by bit month after month hey you did it Girl and a mighty fine job of it too xxxx

Clara said...

This ripple has personality!

lovestitch said...

Awsome! It's really really beautiful! And you are great too! :)

Karen said...

Very beautiful and it looks to be a warm cozy cover for the coming winter. Just lovely.

Just-Do said...

Great blanket. The colours look gorgeous and I can imagine anyone curling up with it on a couch.
groetjes, Dorien

deb@virginia blue said...

This is so beautiful! Spotted you on iCrochet and had to come take a look...
LOVE the shell edging on this!

marlene rodrigues said...

Beautiful blanket!! I love the colors!

Hazel said...

Saw it on Ravelry but thought I'd leave you a bloggy message instead! Love it! Well done on a fab finish. x

Annette said...

HI Erin,
Thanks for stopping by. Browsing through at your place (while kids demand breakfast, a quick browse today, will return later...) I l o v e this ripple blanket. It is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to cuddle up in it instantly. See you later.


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