Sunday, June 26, 2011

House Tour ... Kitchen




It is Simple, Practical, and Efficient ... Just like Me.  =)

Oak Cabinets
Laminate Countertops
White Appliances
Stainless Sink
Tile Floor
Brushed Nickle Knobs
Neutral Paint


Sandy said...

Love your "new" kitchen. The new layman is better too! I like laminate...we have laminate floor in our kitchen and it is so easy to care for and comfortable to walk on. I also like white appliances. I hate black because every fingerprint shows. Well done!

Papillon Gold said...

Very nice

Tickety-boo said...

Doesn't look like the same room does it?
Lovely lovely lovely!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Love your new Kitchen, now you will be expected to cook!! (no excuses) That's what happened to me! xoRobin❤

Erin said...

Robin, I actually don't mind cooking in my little kitchen! It is pretty easy to clean up when I am done. :) The key is putting things away as I go.


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