Friday, June 10, 2011

School Papers

My dining room table looked like this Wednesday night: 

Binders, notebooks, papers, workbooks -- all sent home in a Big Bag for Mommy to sort through and organize.  I refused to go to bed until it was done otherwise it just might get Piled until next September.  =)

Yellow - Preschool, Purple - Kindergarten, Light Blue - First Grade

My simple method of keeping the School Paper Monster under control is an accordion file.  I prefer the poly variety as they come in bright, cheerful colors ... Imagine that.  =)

As worksheets, art work, teacher notes, and the like come home from school, I file away a few in the accordion file and recycle the rest.  I also include Sunday School papers and Art Work done at home.

The file is very Bulgy by the end of the year, so I have to thin it out a bit to handle that End of School Paper Barrage.  That is what I did Wednesday night.  =)

When Love Bug finishes 12th Grade, she will have a neatly organized chronology of her Educational Journey. 



1 comment:

Red Red Completely Red said...

Lovely bright colours! It's enough to inspire some crocheting... :)


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