Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer of Simplicity - Part 1

I mentioned yesterday that I swapped out bedding and household linens.  
 The flannel sheets are washed and put away in the hall closet along with the down comforters.  

My cotton sheets were showing some wear so I bought a new set from Ikea.  Crisp and Clean white that I can pair with homemade quilts and vintage pillowcases.  

The pillowcases on the top were hand embroidered AND edged with hand tatting ... absolutely LOVELY!

Sorted through Love Bug's clothes and toys.  I rearranged her room with the hopes that she would not notice the "Things" mommy threw away.  =)  Do not worry ... nothing truly meaningful and valuable left the house!  

Just Plastic Crap from Fast Food Restaurants.  

A little repair work was needed on the doll house roof so that it wouldn't fall apart.  Then I moved the residents and furniture back in, hoping they would feel at home very soon.  =)

Red ottoman from Ikea's AS-IS section makes the perfect Reading Chaise for Love Bug!  

Here is Quilt #2 that I finished this Spring.  

I started it two summers ago on a Michigan Trip.  Old Red Barn Co. has an excellent Quilt Along that I followed. My Momma hand quilted it this Winter for me in Bubble Gum Pink quilting thread.  =)  

Love Bug adores it and calls it the "Prettiest Quilt Ever!"
The sheet on the bed is vintage, but I bet you guessed that already.  =)

These projects, although not very exciting were oh-so necessary.  Getting my home de-cluttered a bit and set up for the next season,  helped me get ready for my ...

Summer of Simplicity.   =)



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