Friday, April 25, 2008

Grocery Shopping with the Amish

My friend Sue and I had a girl's day out to Lancaster County. We made a couple stops at an Amish variety store and a fabulous quilt shop, but our objective for the day was Centerville Bulk, an Amish run grocery store. This is what I got:

4 bags Ricola elderberry vitamin c drops
9 pounds parboiled rice
35 pounds brown rice
24 pounds rolled oats
37.5 pounds raw sugar
33 pounds quick oats
1.34 pounds walnuts
small container bay leaves
small container cream of tartar
small container poppy seeds
3 pounds whole wheat pasta
1.5 pounds black cocoa powder
1.34 pounds mini choco chips
5 pounds semis sweet choco chips
5.5 pounds baking soda
5 pounds table salt
4.25 pounds light brown sugar
3.5 pounds tri-color rotini
3 pounds plain bread crumbs
3 pounds seasoned bread crumbs
16.5 pounds raisins
10 pounds gold and light pastry flour
10 pounds unsweetened coconut flakes
1 pound OTC crackers
1 pounds seasoned croƻtons
.64 pounds sliced almonds
1 pound whole almonds
1.5 pounds baking powder

This isn't ALL mine -- I took orders from my sister Sarah and from a friend at church. Are you curious how much it all cost? Leave a comment with your guess. Next Monday I'll edit this post with the total and the person with the closest guess wins a small care package (vitamin c drops, hand lotion, notecards, and whatever goodies I decide to add).

God Bless,


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