Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walmart ... Walmart!

I went into Walmart to buy milk, egg and bread.  
As I swing past Electronics, this laptop caught my eye.

It's so PRETTY!
It reminds me of Monet ... I love Monet.  =)
Mr. K, if you are reading this, could you play Santa and put one under the Christmas tree for me?



Sarah Faith said...

just make your own with mod podge. :) crafty!

Erin Joy said...

Ha Ha Ha! =)

Sarah Faith said...

You can delete my comment if you think Mr K would take it too seriously. ;)

Kim said...

you do love Wal Mart!

Me said...

at Walmart?!? Really?!? Our Walmart doesn't even have 3 packs of plain, white scratch pads! You know the ones I mean?!? But, that laptop! I somehow doubt we'd have such a thing...If only they'd made that pattern in some pretty plates or napkins...I LOVE IT! XO Ursula


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