Friday, May 07, 2010

Hurray for Friday!

Don't fret ... Erin's still here.  =)  Wednesday and Thursday were very full days with so many things getting checked off the "to-do" list:

Meal brought to family with new baby ... check.
Packed lunches ... check.
Garden and new bushes watered ... check.
Grass fertilized ... check.
Made beds ... check.
Bought window a/c for upstairs bedroom ... check.
Parts and pieces for Abigail's closet bought ... check.
Line dried laundry ... check.
Trip to the Post Office ... check.
Ate awesome wet burritoes for supper ... check.
Found glass for island doors ... check.
Abigail read to me ... check.
Finally found the right ant traps ... check.
Made awesome homemade pizza for supper ... check.
Snuggled with Mr. K ... check.
Made first batch of soap ... check.

I went to bed every night tired but feeling very happy and satisfied.

Society may not see any value in my work at home and bemoan the fact that I am "shackled" to an old-fashioned and antiquated way of living.  But I know this to be true:

My family is Happy ... My family is Healthy ... My family is Together!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I see a TON of value in what you do! TON! Did you get to see the new baby?


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