Friday, May 14, 2010

Soap Making

A couple weeks ago the idea of making soap just POPPED into my head.  That's usually how it goes!!!  I did a quick Google search for "cold process soap tutorials" and found a lot of great video tutorials on You Tube.  My sister Sarah makes soap so I had a little chat with her about what oils and essential oils to use.  I did a bit more searching for a good lye source and ordered 2 pounds of it.

Last week I made 3 batches of soap and it was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's cut and curing on paper bags in my closet for 6 to 8 weeks.  Wednesday I made 3 more batches of soap:

The peach soap is scented with Grapefruit Essential oil and colored with Paprika.  Isn't that cool!  The paprika adds a nuttier note to the citrus smell which is really nice.

The soap log behind that is also scented with Grapefruit Essential oil but I left it uncolored.  By the end of the curing time it will lighten to a soft yellow.

The soap log on top is scented with Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil.  I love this combination!  Tea Tree Oil on it's own can be a bit medicinal but the Peppermint Oil really tones that down.

Mr. K made these FABULOUS soap molds for me since I insisted that NATURAL soap be made in NATURAL soap molds.  I'm so glad he puts up with my craziness.  =)

I popped them out of the molds and will cut them into "bars" this afternoon.  I call them "bars" because the shape rarely looks like anything you'd buy at the store.  =)

Once they cure, I'll do a little giveaway so that you can enjoy my new hobby and experience the delight of washing up with an 100% natural soap!


Kim said...

You are so crafty!! Can't wait for the give away!!

Sarah Faith said...

That's cool. I thought about making lye for soap, since we burned a lot of oak firewood this winter and had tons of ash, but the process of making lye seemed really dangerous with kids around so I tabled that idea.

Erin said...

I bought my lye from a guy in Syracuse, NY. He was the cheapest I could find that didn't gouge me for shipping. Google "Lye Guy" and you'll find his website.

Kerry said...

Erin I love that you made soap, it is definitely something I am interested in doing, especially with the Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint, it is good for scalp irritation, something that we need in my family. It is so expensive to buy in the store.

Kerry said...

I love that you made soap, this is something I have always been interested in doing, especially the Tea Tree and Peppermint (it is really good for scalp irritation - which is very expensive to buy). I am interested in the websites and videos that you used, maybe I will give this a try.

Erin said...

Hi Kerry! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm guessing you found it through FB. If you want to come over sometime we can make soap together.


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