Thursday, May 13, 2010

Improv Quilting

Last night after supper, I was puttering on the computer upstairs.  Abigail came upstairs and asked if she could play with my fabric scraps.  Sure, go ahead!

She sits down on the floor with the bin, a pair of scissors and gets to work.  I love it when Abigail plays creatively like this because she always hums and sings made up songs to herself.  As she worked, I heard her say things like, "Oh this looks nice together ... I like this solid fabric ... These flowers are so pretty"  Fifteen minutes later she calls out, "Mommy, I'm done!  Can you sew it together?" 

I turn around in my chair to find all these little hand cut squares of fabric laid out on the floor in a very planned yet random pattern.  It was so charming and very modern.  Improvisational quilting at it's best!

"Did you do that, Abigail?!?!" 
"Yes, Mommy.  Do you like it?" 
"Wow, I'm impressed!  That's called Improv quilting and Mommy's never done it before!"  
"Can we sew it together?"
"You are one creative little girl, Abigail!"
"I'm going to blog about this tomorrow!"
((Squeal and great big hug from Abigail))

I suggested two side borders to even out the size.  Would this mess with her creative mojo?  No way!  The grass green solid border and polka dot backing she picked, totally works and makes the patchwork center POP.  =)

I quilt, I knit, I craft ... but I've NEVER pushed it on Abigail, hoping that she would acquire a love for these things on her own.  She has and that makes me one VERY happy mama.  =)

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Sarah Faith said...

that's great!! it looks really pretty. Nice job Abigail!


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