Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of Fall

This morning was the Get Acquainted Brunch to kick off this season of Coffee Break.  I'm the new Director of this Womens Ministry at our church.  Director ... such a fancy-smancy word!  Could it be possible that I'm really old enough to do something so important.  =)

Anywho, it went VERY well.  The veggie chips that I bought from Aldi were a big hit ... along with the DARK CHOCOLATE.  Aldi chocolate is the BEST!

Tonight is Knit Night ... woo hoo!  I'm making a big pot of soup and a salad to share with all my knitting gal pals.  What project do you think I should bring - crochet grannies or knit socks??

I love it when you leave comments ... they totally  make my day!  I'm also just an email away.  =)




dessertfairy said...

Bring both!
Can't wait to try the soup.

Jodi, Stephanie, Chris and Josh said...

what is your coffee break group going to study this year? Just curious as our group struggled this year with what to do. We settled on the Beth Moore "Esther" and start next week.

Jodi, Stephanie, Chris and Josh said...

What are you guys going to study or discuss this fall? Our group really struggled with what to study and settled on Beth Moore's "Esther" and start next week.


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