Monday, September 20, 2010

Wonderful Wool

I tried really, really hard to be an "equal opportunity" fiber artist.  There is this acrylic yarn called Vanna's Choice that lots of crocheters are using to make ripple and granny afghans because it comes in great colors.  I bought a boat load of it at AC Moore so I can make Abigail another blanket and crocheted a few swatches this weekend.  Hum ... good thing I saved my receipt.  =(

What can I say?   I absolutely LOVE wool!  Does that make me yarn snob or fiber elitist?  "Connoisseur of natural fibers" has a nice ring to it, don't you think.  =)  I know ... it's because I'm Dutch and grew up in the snowy-coldness of Michigan!!!! 

Here are my recommendations if you've never worked with wool yarn before and want to give it a try:

Patons Classic Wool
This is not my picture, but I have all these colors in my Stash!
$4.99 @ Michael's

Lions Brand Fisherman's Wool
It comes in 3 natural "wooly" colors + 2 tweeds
$8.99 @ AC Moore (use a 40% off coupon and it will be even CHEAPER!)
There are over 12 skeins of it in my stash ... yes, I love this yarn!
Hey, if those Peak Oil people are right, I'll be ready for Armageddon!  
We may go hungry, but we won't be COLD.

ETA - This yarn is GREAT for dyeing.

Wool of the Andes
It comes in GOBS of different colors and since they are 50 gram balls, 
I can have a huge rainbow of colors in my stash without putting out a lot of cash.
Ha Ha Ha ... Sorry. I'm such a dork!
This yarn is $1.99 each from Knit Picks.

There are a lot more pricier yarns out there that are really nice but I am very content knitting and crocheting with these three.




Sarah Faith said...

thanks for the reviews. i have used fishermans wool for a scarf for my husband (the sort of variegated one with dark brown). Is that what you use for dyeing?
I just wish wool yarn weren't so expensive!

penelope10 said...

I love your blog. Very intersting about the wool/acrylic thing.
The only acrylic I like is Stylecraft DK from England. I've knit for years and always used wool but it can be pretty pricey. With Crochet you need so much so the suggestions you gave were great.I've never really looked at the Patons at Michaels. Have to check it out. Knit Picks looks good too! Penny

Kelly said...

I made an afghan earlier this year with Fisherman's Wool and I really liked working with it. And anything KnitPicks is wonderful, especially WofTA. I just ordered some winter colors to make DH and I stockings. :) Happy Hooking!

Hazel said...

Great yarn! I love the knit picks - very bright. x

Shanti said...

I haven't tried that wool... just Vanna's choice and I love it... I'll give it a try to the wool you suggested... =)


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