Thursday, September 23, 2010

honk ... Honk .... HONK

Did you hear something?  Was that a flock of geese flying overhead?  

No, dearies.  =)  That was me blowing my nose.  

Monday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat that decided to move into my nasal passages on Wednesday night.  Sleeping propped up with pillows = backache = Grouchy Mommy.

There is one thing about having a cold that is very nice, though.  I get to use my Grandma's hankies.  =)  Most of them are plain white, but I do have a few flowery ones.  They are SOOOO soft and they still smell like Grandma even after all these years.

Pretty hankies for sale @

Just what my nose needs with all the Honking it is doing!



Tickety-boo said...

:o( sorry your feeling under the weather but what lovely hankies. I love them, my girls my grannies ones when they go to ballet class.

dessertfairy said...

Don't know if you go in for natural treatments but when ever I get a bad cold I take elderberry extract and it knocks it right out. Hope you feel better soon!

Just-Do said...

You have a nice blog! Love browsing through your posts. I especially like the little dutch girl at the top of your blog,
groetjes, Dorien


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