Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ga-ga for Gorgeous Grannies

I ran into a bit of a hic-cup with my afghan.  Flickr is one of my favorite places to visit for inspiration, so I clicked over to to see if I could find some ideas on how to border my granny 'ghan.  =)

Here is a mosaic of my "favorites."  I'm completely SMITTEN with that little 3 double crochet cluster. 

All pictures taken from the Attic 24 Inspired Flickr Group

The wild & crazy color combos make me so happy-happy-happy ... I can hardly stand it!!  

Which one is your favorite???  My vote is split between the big granny with the red flower in the top row AND the solid grannies bordered in cream set in rainbow order.



PS - Thanks to all my recent visitors from Ravelry's "We Love Lucy" group.  I love all your comments!


Tickety-boo said...

I have to agree Erin. My favourite is the little flower ones. x

Unknown said...

I really like the one bordered in cream and the one just below it. They are quite pretty.

Kelly said...

I've always admired the rainbow squares with the cream border. Its saved in my favorites for a perfect springtime blankie. Good choices for your inspiration!


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