Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Off to School, Jiggidy-Jig!

Yesterday Abigail started first grade.  =)  Wow.  When I picked her up at 11:45 (only half day), I asked her how was the first day.  Her reply:
"It was AWESOME!"

"We got to play on the BIG playground!"  

"The monkey bars are HUGE and I slid down the fire pole ALL BY MYSELF!"    

The house is very quiet, but the silence is nice.  

Coffee Break starts in a couple weeks and I have some planning to do for the Get Acquainted Brunch.  Did I mention that I'm the new Director???  Yes.I.Am.  I'm excited about it as I've felt God nudging me in this direction for a couple years.  But I'm also nervous that the women who attend might put me on a "spiritual" pedestal.

I need to get back to the YMCA.  Too many ice cream cones this Summer has added a little padding to the tum-tum.  =)  The Monday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule I had last Spring worked great so I'll return to that next week.  

Blog posts should become more regular.  I've made all sorts of artsy-fibery creations this Summer that I can't wait to show-off and LOTS more in the making.  

Happy Wednesday!

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Sarah Faith said...

welcome back! :)
what's coffee break?


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