Friday, September 24, 2010

Rainbow Grannies

Basket of Rainbow-Bright Wool Yarn

I used Patons Classic Wool - my Go-To favorite.  =)  The majority is from my stash with a few missing colors purchased:
Water Chestnut
Royal Blue
Old Gold
Bright Red
Leaf Green
Royal Purple

The last round of each block will be Lions Fisherman's Wool in either natural or oatmeal - Bonus Points to you if you guessed that!


Pile of Five-Round Granny Squares

Cool Tones

 Warm Tones

I love you ... sweet double crochet clusters!

These are actually "tester" blocks and I'm GEEKED to say that my idea worked!  That's Great News for you  ... I'll be working up my Very First crochet pattern.  =)  As with all my other tutorials and patterns it will be FREE.




Erica said...

What a gorgeous pile of grannies! I have never used Patons Classic, though I have always been fond of that Lemongrass shade when I've seen it at the store. Looking forward to seeing this progress!

Just-Do said...

These colours look fabulous. Although the warm tones are my favourite, they combine beautifully with the cooler ones.

Unknown said...

They will make a beautiful afghan.

Sue said...

Oh they are gorgeous! They will make a fabulous blanket. They remind me very much of my first granny square blanket which I made last winter -I made a pile of warm toned squares and pile of cool toned ones and alternated them.

Hazel said...


Michelle said...

Love your granny squares! When you use wool to make a blanket, do you ever wash it? I'd like to make a blanket and I was wondering how to wash a wool blanket so it wouldn't felt or shrink.

Erin Joy said...


Wool is naturally anti-bacterial so I'd never wash it unless it got badly soiled. I'd give my wool blankets a nice airing on the clothesline a couple times a year just like I do my down comforter.


Crochet with Raymond said...

Hello! I have just had an enjoyable look around your lovely blog! Wow, the grannies are stunning, I love your colour blending, and I just love that little knitted jacket from last post.... I wish I could knit something other than hats!


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