Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day

Michael is outside sealing the new deck he finished several weeks ago, Abigail is still sleeping, and I am blogging. Sounds pretty laborious, right? :) I did throw in a load of diapers before I hopped on the computer.

List of TTD (9/4-9/9)
  • Pick up contacts - after 12 noon on Tuesday
  • Make medical appointments - physicals, blood work, dental, vision, etc. We are changing over to a Health Savings Account next year so we want to get all the expensive stuff done before Jan. 1, 2007.
  • Work on Gma Ruth's quilt - I'd like to get 10-12 blocks done this week.
  • Clean out spare bedroom - It's been a catch-all for junk since Abigail's birth 2 years ago.
  • Daily housekeeping tasks
  • Weekly library visit
  • Weekly thrift store visit - This week it will be Tuesday as we are going with friends from church. :)
  • Finish 2 wool soakers - All I have to do is kitchener graft the crotches on both of them and knit the cuffs.
  • Re-work LBW hyena cart - Take some new pictures, list some new items, etc.
  • Refill propane tank

That should keep me busy during naptimes and on errands.

Meal Plans (9/4-9/10)

Monday - sandwiches for lunch / church picnic for supper

Tuesday - sandwiches + yogurt + fruit for lunch / Lasagna for supper

Wednesday - leftover Lasagna for lunch / homemade chicken noodle soup for supper

Thursday - leftover soup + sandwich for lunch / sausage and oven fried potatoes for supper

Friday - leftover sausage & potatoes for lunch / out-to-eat for supper :)

Saturday - various leftovers for lunch / homemade pizza for supper

Sunday - BBQ chicken on the grill for lunch / various leftovers for supper

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