Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Simple Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Let me begin by saying I dislike cleaning. Ask my hubby, ask my sister, ask my mom. The faster and more efficiently I can get it done, the happier I am.

Clean the two upstairs bathrooms is part of Wednesday's house blessings and this is the routine I follow:
  1. Collect bath towels and wash clothes. Pile them all in the hallway. Reserve the hand towels to wipe up during cleaning.
  2. Get cleaning supplies bucket from laundry room. It contains 5 things - window cleaner, toilet bowl gel, soap scum solution, multi-purpose cleaner, and scrubbie pad.
  3. Move toiletry caddy to windowsill.
  4. Quick swipe of counters to pick up loose hair (I shed alot and really don't want that in my scrubbie).
  5. Squirt toilet bowl gel around inside rim of toilet bowl and let sit while I clean.
  6. Pull up basin stoppers, squirt with soap scum solution, and gently scour with scrubbie pad and tepid water; rinse and dry with one corner of reserved hand towel.
  7. Spray counter top and faucets with multi-purpose cleaner. Wipe dry and shine chrome with 2nd corner of reserved hand towel.
  8. Spray mirror with window cleaner and wipe dry with remaining dry half of hand towel.
  9. Quicky wipe windowsill, light switch plate, and tops of towel bars.
  10. Scrub toilet with brush.
  11. Wipe top of toilet tank lid, flush handle, toilet lid, toilet seat, toilet bowl rim, outside toilet bowl, and toilet bowl base with the now damp hand towel (I start at the top and work my way down so not to spread any germies on my clean toilet). Toss in pile with other towels.
  12. Sweep floor and deposit loose hair in trash.
  13. Empty trash and replace liner (ie. Walmart bag); replenish toilet paper as needed (I keep one on the holder and 2 in reserve).
  14. Hang clean towels.

The second bathroom is just the same except:

  1. There is no window in this bathroom and therefore no window so I set the toiletry caddy on the edge of the tub.
  2. There is a tub in this bathroom so I scrub it right after I scrub the toilet. I don't use a fancy tub cleanser -- just a squirt of anti-bacterial hand soap on the scrubbie pad. That's the way my Momma did it when I was growing up. :)

It seems like alot when you write it down but I can do both in 30 minutes. It is kind of weird but I always feel very domestic when I finish cleaning the bathrooms.

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