Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A little bit of this and that Tuesday

Alas, I missed my daily blog yesterday. I picked up a couple free videos at the library and one of them is The Phantom of the Opera. Michael and I started it one evening but didn't get to finish it that particular night. Well, it was luring me yesterday so I finished it while Abigail was napping. If you haven't seen it yet . . . get your hands on it! The music is outstanding, the costumes are beautiful, and the story is heart-wrenching. I went back and watched select scenes this afternoon so that I could fully understand the storyline. And yes, I cried even harder the second time around.

Abigail had her second day of pre-school today. She cried for a bit but was distracted by the bubble blowing so that I could slip out.

I had a very nice Goodwill shopping morning. I found a lovely 3/4 sleeve length Talbot top in red -- my favorite color. It is made from a nice substantial knit so it should launder well. I also found a nice long jumper made from a rayon print - black background with small dark rose flowers. I have a little black t-shirt that will fit well under it and some chunky black Mary Jane's. To top it all off I found a bread machine. =) Last week I read some reviews online about various models and this is one that was highly recommended. Yeah! It is great condition and even has the owner's manual.

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