Monday, September 04, 2006

Simple Living Part 2 - House Blessings

I can't remember where I picked up the phrase "house blessing" but I like it so much better than daily chores or house cleaning. Even though it is my job to take care of the house, I don't want my husband, daughter, friends and family to think that it is a drudgerous task. I want the daily activities that I do to keep my home clean and tidy to be a blessing to them.

  • tidy and dust bedrooms
  • vacuum bedrooms
  • grocery shop


  • clean kitchen
  • vacuum living room, family room and rugs
  • errands


  • clean upstairs bathrooms
  • vacuum hall and stairs
  • change bed sheets and towels


  • clean 1/2 bathroom
  • swiffer wood floors
  • errands


  • vacuum kitchen floor and mop
  • sweep bathroom floors and mop


  • bake for following week
  • pick up sewing area


  • church
  • meal plans for coming week

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