Thursday, September 07, 2006

Houston . . . we have a clothesline!

Yahoo! Whopee! Yah-yah-yah!!! I feel like a true Dutch housewife. :) My mother, mother-in-law, grandmothers, and grandmother-in-law all have or had clotheslines. Now I can join their ranks. Can you tell I am happy? An added bonus is that I have my Momma's old clothespin bag. I remember standing outside bare foot in the dewy grass handing her one piece of wet laundry after another. Momma would sling it around her neck so the clothespins would be in easy reach as we moved along the line.
ETA: Um, I love the smell of sheets fresh off the clothesline. They smell of the wind and sunshine, something that laundry detergent and dryer sheets can NEVER duplicate.

ETA #2: I just read over at BWO that Crystal is starting a Frugal Friday column so I am going to tack that on to this post. In our last home (a condo), we couldn't have an outdoor clothesline, so my husband put 3 clotheslines in the basement. We used them faithfully the 6 years we lived there and our electric bill reflected that. When we bought our first house 4 years ago it was somewhat vague if we could have an outdoor clothesline in our community so we used a combination of a basement clothesline and 2 drying racks. Now that the electric rates went up, we bit the bullet and bought an umbrella clothesline from Home Depot. Here are some links for other alternative drying options in various price ranges:

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