Saturday, September 19, 2009

HQ16 Update

The studio is coming together slowly but surely.  I really wanted to set the table up to 10 feet so that I could quilt MASSIVE quilts but the tracks were not playing nice.  So it's set up at 8 feet which, in all honesty, is more then enough room. 

The whole set-up process was a bit stressful for me, so I thought a trip to Zook's was in order.  I justified it in my head because I had birthday money.  =)

 "Sierra" Collection by Anna Griffin for Windham Fabrics - I fell in love with the paisley-like feathers of the first 3 fabrics and decided to buy almost all of them.  I skipped the wallpaper-looking stripes, but now that I look at the photo, I'm thinking they would add a bit of pizazz.  Oh dear me!  Does that mean another trip?

"Tiny Tots" by Indygo Junction for Red Rooster Fabrics - I'm reading "B is for Betsy" to Abigail right now and these prints remind me of the illustrations in the book.  Very vintage and I like that alot!  I'll stash this away for a future baby quilt. 

"Bistro" by Deb Strain for Moda - this is not a current collection but was on super sale.  The colors are totally my sister's so I got them to make her a quilt.  I don't know what pattern.  Something simple, earthy, and modern.  =) 

Between this, that, and the other thing happening this week, I worked on a theory I had to produce a planned scrappy nine-patch block.  I'm very delighted with the results and hope to share it with you next week. 

Have a lovely weekend!




Ruth said...

The Sierra collection is lovely - I have a lot of that too. Really pretty line of fabrics.

Christina said...

I can't wait to see your first quilt! I remember it was a little stressful to set up, but I couldn't wait to load my first quilt. I think it took a week or two to get up the courage. :)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I would really like to hear your thoughts about the HQ16. I would really like to get one, although I do not have room right now, but it is my dream.. Are you in Ohio? Just wondered, because I thought there was a Zook's there?


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